DeltaGreen Tanker Clean 025

Oil Reservoir Cleaning Solutions

If you would like to decrease consumption of electricity, reduce production time, improve wash quality in the process of tanker cleaning, solve your waste utilization problems and at the same time:

1. Reduce the temperature of working solution from 190-200°F to 150-170°F (190-200°F – generally required temperature of cleaning solution applied to reservoirs, cisterns,vessels, etc. 150-170°F - range of working temperature of Tanker Clean 025 cleaning solution)

2. Decrease cleaning time by 50% or more.

3. Reduce watering of oil products by 10-15 times settled in a sump and to achive water content of 0.2% in oil and 5.0% in mazut. (In comparison with using only flush water with temperature of 200°F)

4. Reduce by 80-100 times duration of settle time of oil products in a sump. (Settling time until achieving minimal watering is reduced from 240-300 hours, during which the mix of oil & water has to be heated, to 3 hours.

Then you need to utilize our new technology based on environmentally safe DeltaGreen Tanker Clean 025.