"It's a good all-around cleaner for our shops. That's all we're using right now." Ernie Peltz, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP)

"Please accept our thanks for introducing these exceptional cleaning products to us and for the excellent service and response you have provided." Frank G. Szedely, Robertshaw Control

"DeltaGreen Concentrate has replaced the detergent cleaners we've used for years. DeltaGreen has been a great performer and solved all problems related to waste disposal." Michael Garcia, MTA

"Thanks to DeltaGreen we've been able to replace a number of chemicals with one product. Now we use DeltaGreen Concentrate in all facilities for various applications: we use it in our floor-scrubbing machines, mop buckets, basically, we use DeltaGreen Concentrate in most janitorial applications. Our janitors love this product: it's safe, has no odor and it works better than most of the hazardous products we've used in the past." Alex Mendoza, Production Manager, NI Industries

"Due to the ongoing environmental safety concerns we have been looking for an alternative, environmentally safe product to replace solvents in our parts washing stations. DeltaGreen Concentrate has been tested as a potential replacement. At a proper dilution DeltaGreen Concentrate was very effective in all cleaning applications. We have successfully replaced several solvents and detergents with DeltaGreen Concentrate. It was a cost sensible solution that has helped us to solve the problem with toxic fumes." Brian Smith, Enironmental Health & Safety Engineer, CAT

"We've been using DeltaGreen Concentrate for over five years in various cleaning procedures: degreasing, surface cleaning, parts washing and cleaning... DeltaGreen Concentrate is a very effective product for removing oil, grease, possible contaminations." Sam McHalffey, Safety & Environmental Supervisor, Cherry Aerospace

"To my utter amazement, your product "DeltaGreen Concentrate", upon being brushed into the stained area, made the stains disappear like magic. Sounds a bit corny, but it was like watching the "Miracle Colean" products on TV commercials that you just KNOW could never work that well in real life. Your product however, did. The fact that it is biodegradable is important to me as well, as it should be to us all." Stewart Howe, W.I. Simonson Mercedes-Benz

"In the past we have had a great deal of trouble with odor from the fresh as well as from the smoked fish. We tried to rid ourselves of this problem using many different products, not one of these products was able to serve our needs, and thus we were very skeptical of whether DeltaGreen Concentrate would work. Due to the nature of our business we clean our entire processing facility from top to bottom at the beginning and the end of each shift. After only one week of using DeltaGreen Concentrate we noticed the smell of fish had left the building... I have used DeltaGreen Concentrate for more than one year and would highly recommend this product ot anyone, as the best I have ever used" Vladimir Ganelin, General Manager, Prime Fish

"We have been using DeltaGreen Concentrate for more than five years now. It is the only product we use with our Sherman Supersonic Ind. MODEL 5370 4-BRUSH DRIVE-THROUGH BUS WASH SYSTEM, spraying directly onto the bus in the pre-wash phase and also applied to the cleaning brushes. All brushes are made of Polypropylene material and are in 18" sections. They shall comprise of 0.044" X-shaped UEX (circulex), fully density material in all areas except for the window areas which shall be 0.044", hollow PEX (circuleen), half densitty material the cleaning brushes. DeltaGreen Concentrate has been very effective in removing road grime from our buses, while never damaging the paint, or the pressure sesitive decals" Chris B. Smith, Procurement Supervisor, Maintenance Division, "Big Blue Bus" (Santa Monica Municipal bus Lines)